Sunday, September 29, 2013

The "Instant Nancy Web Development" Book

After a quick six month writing and editing process my Nancy book is published. It's available as e-pub, mobi, pfd and dead trees via the publishers site as well as Amazon, Amazon UK, and Safari.

What's it about?
Well, it about the Nancy web framework. Nancy is an awesome .NET based web framework that focuses on being both easy and fun to work with. Nancy lends itself to writing highly testable web application with simple, concise and readable code. Who doesn't want that?
The book starts from the very basics of getting Nancy up and running, but quickly moves into more interesting areas including dependency injection, hosting, content negotiation, authentication, async processing and more. Check out the full table of contents at the publishers site.

Who's it for?
The reader I've had in mind is a .NET oriented backend developer who values clean testable code and who is curious about what all the fuss around Nancy is about. It's a short book, so it is also a quick read and a quick way to get into a whole bunch of Nancy topics.

Why did I write it?
There are a number of reasons I wrote this book. I'll only talk about a few of them here. Starting from the egotistical side @thecodejunkie nailed it on jabbr: "It's about bragging rights" :-) I have to admit there is truth in that.

Another reason is that I really think Nancy deserves having a light shone on it, and I believe a book is one way to do that.
I believe a book can reach another segment of developers and architects than Github wiki, blogs and demo applications. The book hopefully wont be the end stage for those developers and architects, but rather the gateway to the Github wiki and even the Nancy source code, which is so readable that it actually is a fine source to learn Nancy from.
I also think a book can lend a sense of legitimacy to an OSS, which may help a little bit with getting through the gate into enterprises. @cranialstrain expressed this well on twitter the other day.

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