Monday, June 9, 2014

Software Architecture Open Space 2014

The fourth annual Software Architecture Open Space Conference is taking shape. The date is set to October 2nd. The registration has opened. The venue is booked. The announcements and invitations are being sent out.

This years conference will follow the lead of last years conference and be a 1-day event in Copenhagen. The day will be all about in-depth discussions, sharing knowledge, learning together and making connections.The team behind the conference is also the same as the team last year: Jeppe Cramon, Jakob Bendsen, Nikola Schou and myself.
The one thing changed compared to last year is that the price has gone up. The event is still non-profit - just as it has always been - but it turned out we lost money last year, so this year the price has gone up some in the hope that we hit the zero.

As has been the case all the three previous years the day is centered around around a series of Open Space sessions. The Open Space format allows attendees to shape the conference to be about exactly the subjects they want: Anybody can propose a subject and anybody can contribute to the discussion around that subject. More than that actually. Not only can attendees participate. They are expected to do so. They are expected to share the knowledge they have, to actively take part in discussions, and to propose subjects. This format has worked very well the previous years. I have personally learned a whole lot as well as grown my network substantially at previous Software Architecture Open Space Conferences.

Hope to see you there! Now go register :)