My name is Christian Horsdal. I'm an independent consultant working with clients as an architect, consultant and developer. Through my work with clients I've gained extensive experience in architecting and implementing real solutions to real problems, based on the business, the functional requirements and the non-functional requirements. I'm an expert .NET architect and developer who mixes and matches commercial, open source, and tailor made components in a quest to create simple and lean solutions that allows for quick and agile development.

For more information and a full resumé visit my LinkedIn profile or send me an e-mail at c.horsdal@gmail.com

What Other People Say: 

  "I have been so happy to work with Christian for 2 years at Whiteaway Group. We worked together on several partner- and logistics projects and I was always impressed with his ability to dig deep into system details without losing the overview. Besides his technical skills, he is a team player who always strives to do what's best for the overall strategy and as a major bonus he is able to explain complex system engineering to non-tech people in a way that makes it seem totally simple. I hope that Christian and I will find ourselves working together again in the not too distant future - until then, my best recommendations." 
-- Anne Lange, Head of PMO and UX at WhiteAway Group, December 2022

  "I have had the pleasure of working with Christian Horsdal at Whiteaway Group for little under a year.
He is a very skilled architect who easily understands technical issues at all layers of abstraction, while still being able to communicate at a language all parts of the business can understand.
Christian is also very proficient in Domain-Driven Design, and has helped us divide highly complex and coupled functionality into well defined and isolated domains while still maintaining a high cohesion.
Lastly, he is a very pleasant and kind person, and I hope to someday have the chance to work together with him again. He has my highest recommendation."
-- Jens Rotne, Platform Engineer WhiteAway Group, December 2022

  "Super godt. Bedste og mest relevante kursus i mands minde." 
-- Henrik Larsen, DevOps Visma, November 2020


 "Christian is a great addition to any team! We were able to leverage his extensive knowledge and experience to help us get a great start on our journey to a new elastic architecture.
With a focus on Cloud Agnostic design and Multi-Cloud Enabled mindset, Christian guided our microservices architecture and successfully drove the design and development of a solid foundation. This has provided a springboard for further development and continued close collaboration with my team. Christian is a team leader and valued player who relentlessly focuses on building high quality software.
He comes with my highest recommendation."
-- Matt Glover, CTO Le-Vel Brands, January 2020

"I worked with Christian to as the lead architect in my role as a Senior Developer when he was contracted by my company. I am pleased with the time we had together developing a suite of dotnetcore microservices and scaleable managed containerized applications. I found him to be an excellent teammate and extremely competent architect, with so much untapped expertise for the project we worked on. I am happy to recommend him to any future employers and, indeed, I hope that we will one day be able to work together again!"
-- Enoch Young, Senior Software Developer at Le-Vel Brands, December 2019

"1000 tak for [...] et helt fantastisk kursus; Som sagt det bedste kursus, jeg nogensinde har været på (og jeg har været på mange gennem tiderne)"
 -- René Hymne Muxoll, December 2016

"Christian is one of the developers I would very much like to work with again. I had the pleasure to work on a team with Christian for about a year. Christian have an incredible strong technical background combined with a very pleasant personality. 
I had a lot of great discussions with Christian about both technical details and team dynamics and I always felt I gained from them, most often in the form of insights or directions on how to solve problem the best possible way. He always strive to make the best possible solution for a given task and never cut corners. 
Even though he is most often right when discussing technical issues, he is never afraid to take suggestion from others when they have better solutions. 
I most definitely felt I was a better developer after working with him and I’m convinced he will add a lot of value on any team he is a part of. I hope I’ll work with him again some day"
-- Michael Skarum, September 2016 

"Christian is an extremely knowing and resourceful software developer and architect. He Is always calm and very good at keeping an overview of any situation, even under pressure. He delivers good results both as an individual and thrive others. He facilitates technical session in an inclusive way for other attendees. He has great technical and people skills, and I would love to work with Christian in the future again."
-- Morten Herman Langkjær, Freelance software professional, September 2016

"I had the pleasure of working together with Christian for nearly a year. 
Christian is a very skilled full stack developer which is very well versed in in all aspects of software development. As a senior developer/architect he is an example to follow in nearly all aspects of software development, being theoretically strong, precise, methodically, and has a good way of keeping calm even when the pressure is on. 
I give Christian my warmest recommendations."
-- Erik Olsen, Senior IT Engineer at Danske Bank, September, 2016,

"Christian has been an central contributor to our internal .NET developer academy strengthening the software craftsmanship skills of our around 60 .NET developers within such diverse topics as Design Patterns, Clean Code, Functional Programming and how to work efficiently with legacy code.
Throughout his theoretically strong teachings he has been very flexible and encouraged continous feedback between each module allowing us to improve the custom-made materials based upon the participants feedback, reworking both presentation, sourcecode and slide decks to make the learning experience even better for those participants who'd attend the next session.
It has been a pleasure working with Christian. He is very 'down to earth', skilled and eager to improve himself all the time."
-- Allan Fejerskov Ravn, Advanced Lead Developer at NNIT. October 2014

"Christian is a dedicated, structured and methodical software architect. He knows his software craftmanship better than most. Christian is a perfect match if you want strong technical insight combined with a humble and easy going attitude. He can work with anyone and furthermore, when Christian speaks, people listen with interest, because he knows what he is doing. I give him my warmest recommendations."
-- Peter Hornecker, Sr. Manager Digital Product Technology at LEGO Group, April 2014

"Christian is an extremely dedicated and accomplished software developer and architect. I had the pleasure of being Christians manager for 6 years, and to oversee the projects he participated in. Christian is a natural leader and he invariably puts his deep technical knowledge and his excellent people skills to work to contribute significantly to the success of his projects."
-- Ellen Agerbo, Line Manager at Mjølner Informatics, March 2013

"Christian is an excellent Software Architect and a phenomenal developer. His technical knowledge is profound, and his thirst for learning is unending. 
I have had the pleasure of working with Christian at Mjølner Informatics. He is always eager to discuss, collaborate and share knowledge about anything software related. He is a good sparring buddy, and an allround great guy"
-- Henrik Skaarup Andersen, Software Developer, Mjølner Informatics, January, 2013

"Christian har arbejdet som arkitekt på et af Kamstrups udviklingsprojekter. Han har vist sig som teknisk meget kompetent, god til at prioritere og til at omsætte intentioner til handlinger. Christians samarbejdsevner og gennemslagskraft gør at han skaber fine resultater."
-- Vibeke Ågren, Program Manager at Kamstrup, August 2012

"Christian is a very creative web developer with high grasping power in understanding the business requirements which enables him in developing solutions of very high standards. I really appreciate his professional, personal and social attitude towards his assigenments. I am happy to recommend him, and wish him very best for all his future aspirations."
-- Shankar Pawar, Systems Analyst at UNICEF, March 2011

"Christian is a very good software architect, who also knows how to code. He has a very broad knowledge of .net and it's different frameworks, which he uses to create solutions that fits the customer's needs. It has been an absolute joy to work with Christian."
-- Mads Skovgaard Thrane, Software Architect, Mjølner Informatics September 2012

"During my time as a project manager and software engineer at Mjølner Informatics, I had the pleasure to work closely together with Christian. Christian was a very great intellectual and practical asset in an important phase of the project that I was managing. Christian possesses excellent analytical and technical skills in software engineering and software architecture and he also works well under tight deadlines. Christian’s great interpersonal and communication skills, naturally makes him a key team-player and I would also strongly recommend him for any leading position in challenging and complex software projects."
-- Hans Madsen Pedersen, Project Manager at Mjølner Informatocs, August 2007

"Christian is one of the best technicians I have worked with. Aside from strong technical skills, he has an excellent overview and understanding of the problem he is solving. But what makes him stand out most from other technicians is his ability to communicate effectively and efficiently… and his great sense of humor! He is a natural leader who I would take the pleasure in working with again in the future."
-- Jacob Mortensen, Software Developer B&O,  April 2007