Monday, September 30, 2013

GOTO Day 1

Day 1 of this years GOTO Aarhus is drawing to an end. It's time to recap. As always at a large conference there are a lot of things going on at once. So I may just have missed the action. But, well, to be honest I didn't get enough bang for the bug today. I had a hunch this was going to be the case today because too much of today's program seemed to be either too much talk and too little code for my taste or to be really introductory.
On the other hand there were highlights:
  • Phil Calcados Javascript talk. Phil has been involved in recruiting at Soundcloud for a few years. As part of the interview process Soundcloud has candidates submit code in whatever language the candidate wants to. Interestingly Phil observed that a very high percentage of the submission done in Javascript were rejected, and the candidates did not make it to the next round of interviews. Submission in other languages did better. It is also noteworthy that there were actually a large percentage of the submission that were in Javascript - so the high rejection rate does not seem to be an artifact of sampling size. Phil talked about some of the problems in the Javascript submissions, what could be done about them and ventured guessed at why Javascript stood out in this way. Interesting stuff. 
  • Mogens Heller Grabe's Rebus talk was by far the best talk of the day for me. It was concrete, had lots of code and it put some conplicated architectural ideas into fairly simple terms. Mogens talked about distributed system, anchoring the discussion firmly in reality by doing live demos of the patterns and by exmplifying based on his personal experience working with real clients. Great!

The part keynote will in a few minutes. So I'm off :)

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