Saturday, September 21, 2013

Impressions from Software Architecture Open Space 2013

We ran the 2013 edition of the Software Architecture Open Space conference (SAOS) this past Thursday, and once again I am amazed how well the open space format works. Everybody there were both highly knowledgeable and keen to share. The combination is a goldmine of learning opportunity.

The topics covered this year were quite diverse. Ranging from the particulars of to the most effective place in an organization for an enterprise architect to work.

Since there were up to 7 seven sessions running in parallel I did not participate in all discussions. Even so just looking at the topics I had the chance to discuss paints a broad picture: "Event Sourcing in practice", "Modeling in NoSQL DBs", "How to Build an Architecture that Enables Flow in Development", "Reactive Manifesto", "NoProcess Development", "Architects and Organizations" og "The Value of Contributing in Open Source".

Take Aways
What one takes away from an event like SAOS obviously vary a lot lot from person to person. Personally the main points I came away with were:
  • I am not the only one that thinks that lean thinking can be applied to software architectures, not just organizations and processes. Hallelujah I am not alone :-P
  • Confirmation that Continuous Delivery is slowly but steadily becoming mainstream
  • A better understanding of the role of Enterprise Architecture in large organizations (and confirmation that EA is not for me)
  • Lots of new good contacts
  • Insights into concrete experience with introducing event sourcing to a team and which type of common hiccups to expect

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