Friday, November 27, 2009

Four Bits Worth of Dev Advice: Last Half a Bit

This the 5th and final post in my series about my 16 pieces of developer advice. In the previous post I listed the 16 pieces in headline form ([1]), and briefly explained the first 12 pieces ([2], [3], [4]). In this post I go through the last four pieces. Enjoy!

1100: Write change friendly code
This piece of advice is about a mind set: Keep in mind that the code your writing will most likely be changed a lot of times in the future. Therefore you need to write code that can be changed without too much pain. This mind set leads to a lot of the common coding best practices like using symbolic constant, like avoid unnecessary dependencies, like keeping functions short and the list goes on and on. These things brings readability to the code, and they enable changing the code later on. On the other hand you should (of course) avoid over-designing software, so this nugget is really mainly about the small code level things. And those small code level things make a huge difference when it comes to the modifiability of software.

1101: Dry
Don't repeat yourself. Or DRY. This piece of advice has been re-iterated so much, that I will leave at a reference for you to follow, the C2 wiki entry on DRY.

1110: Don’t stay stuck
You sometimes get stuck when coding, in fact some days coding feels like this:

Getting into situation where you are stuck and can't see what the next step is, is normal and something you need to accept as part what it's like to write code. The important part is what you do about it. Some developers start thrashing; they run around in circles without really getting anywhere. Others start surfing for cartoons (or ... well, you get the idea). That doesn't help. To get out the situation your stuck in you probably need help - I know, I usually do - so seek help. Ask a team mate to pair with you. Ask your project manager for that tool you need. Ask a senior colleague to take a look at your problem. Read up on the relevant literature. Just don't stay stuck.

1111: Be curious
The final piece of advice on the list is simply to be curious in your work. And use that curiosity to gain technical insight. For instance ask yourself how the frameworks or libraries you use are implemented. Maybe read some of the code, step through it in a debugger, or read the documentation (yes, it said read the documentation :-) ). Or take a look at the code your compile generates, be assembler, bytecode, MSIL or something else. That generated code can tell you a lot about how the platform and language you're in actually works. Just try to stay curious about how things actually works, and spend a bit of time and then satisfying that curiosity.

So that was my list of 16 pieces of developer advice. I had fun compiling the list. I started out with a much longer list, but it was fun to boil it down to 16. What do you think is missing from the list, and do you think should be taken out?

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