Monday, June 17, 2019

InMemoryLogger available on NuGet

I recently made a small library, InMemoryLogger, to support recording and inspecting logs made from .NET  Core code under test. The library is pretty small and simply implements a .NET Core Ilogger that records incoming logs and exposes them for inspection through a few public properties. I've been using InMemoryLogger for a while now and I think it is ready for other people to use too.

If you follow arrange/act/assert in your tests the idea is to create the in memory logger in the arrange part either by directly newing it or adding it to the application under tests IServiceCollection. Then do whatever to the application under test in the act part, and finally inspect the properties that expose recorded logs on the InMemoryLogger in the assert part.
For more info check out the readme or grab InMemoryLogger from NuGet.

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