Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Microservices in .NET Core" has landed

My new book "Microservices in .NET Core  - with examples in Nancy" has been published. It's been available as an early access ebook for a long time, but now the final paper book and the final ebook is available.

This book is very much based on experience from working of real microservices systems. While the examples in the book are not lifted directly from any particular system they are inspired by real world systems. My rule has been that all the examples demonstrate something that could have been in one or more of the systems I have experience with.

With this book I have tried to show two things:

    1. How to design a microservices system.
    2. How to build such a system using a lightweight .NET based tech stack.

All but one chapter reflect these two levels, in that they start off explaining an aspect of designing a microservice system, and then go on to show how to implement it using my .NET tech stack of choice. This should help make clear which parts make sense regardless of tech stack and which are tech specific. At the end of the book  you should have the tools to both design a microservice system and implement it, as we have covered subjects like how to decide what belongs in which microservice, where data resides, how microservices collaborate, how to test such a system, how to make it robust and how gain insights into how it is doing in production.

The tech stack I use in the book is based on .NET Core, Microsoft's new cross platform version of .NET. On top of .NET Core I use the Nancy web framework and OWIN middleware, which forms a powerful yet simple stack. To compliment this I use various other OSS libraries where appropriate, like Polly and Dapper. The guiding principle in all the tech choices is that they should be simple to use - make the simple stuff simple, while also allowing to do more complex stuff without unwarranted hassle.

You can find the table of contents and a couple of sample chapter on the books page at Manning
Also, if you are interested in these things, I have a 3 day course around these things available.

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