Saturday, August 30, 2014

Using Nancy.Linker with Razor Views

First things first: I recommend that you use Nancy.Linker to generate link in the route handler not the view code, as described in my last post. If you insist on generating the links in the view code here is how to make Nancy.Linker work with Razor views.

Firstly you need to pass an instance on IResourceLinker and the NancyContext to your view. This works just like passing any other object from the handler to the view  - in your Nancy module you have your route handler pass the IResoureLinker and NancyContext objects as part of the model to the view you want to render:

The NancyContext must  passed along with the IResourceLinker, since Nancy.Linker needs it to generate links. Once you've done this you are almost ready to use Nancy.Linker in your Razor code, but first you need a little bit of web.config gymnasitcs. This is because IResouceLinkker returns System.Uri objects, which Razor does not know about unless you tell it where to look. To tell Razor, add this to your web.config:

Refer to the Nancy documentation for a proper explanation of this.
Having added the web.config snippet you can go ahead and use Nancy.Linker to generate links in the Razor code:

That's all folks!

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