Monday, June 3, 2013

NDC is just a week away

In just over a weeks time I'll be in Oslo for NDC. I'm doing an introductory Nancy talk on Friday. It will actually not be a whole lot of talk, but rather a fair bit of coding: I have just one slide, the rest will be me coding up a simple Nancy application in test first manner. Should be fun - I know it was at Warm Croc.

Apart from doing my own talk I'm looking forward to watching some of the other talks there too of course. Glancing through the program these particularly stick out to me, and are talks I'll make it to:

  • Don Symes two F# talks on Wednesday. This is perfect timing for me. I've gotten serious about learning F# over the last few month and am ready to get the inspiration to dig deeper.
  • To top off my functional programming geek out Wednesday I will end the day at the .NET Rocks Functional Programming panel.
  • Thursday I'll be focusing on the security talks in room 3.
  • My Thursday will start with more F# in Simon Skov Boisens Agents talk
  • Friday is when I'm doing my own talk which means I'll be getting ready before the talk and popping into random talks afterwards.
Hope to see you there!

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