Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GOTO 2012 - The Plus Side

I'm going to be GOTO again this year, and - as always - I'm excited about the program. Lots of exiting stuff going. While I will try not plan too much ahead, because I find it both more fun, and in the end also more educating to just go with the flow and see the talks that catch my attention when I'm right there at the conference, I have few things on my radar, that I'm most probably going to see:
  • Monday morning I'll likely kick off the conference with Brian Slettens Webs of Data talk. I saw Brian last year give a good technical talk on testing REST APIs, and the abstract for this one sounds intriguing.
  • Later monday I want to see Jonas Bonér talk about Akka - because Akka and Scala are so very, very cool!
  • Tuesday I want hear Sam Newman talk about how to design for rapid releases, because that's something I've been spending time thinking about too. It's a fascinating question really: How does the design of the software - of the code - effect the speed at which we can deliver. This is not just about how cruft slows us down, but also how to make software that we can build trust in quickly, which lends itself to automation and so on. I'm curious what Sam has to say.
  • Tuesday I also want to hear a little something about R. Mainly because I know nothing about R except that there seems to be a growing hype around it. And also languages are fun, so of course I need a language talk!
  • At the face of it Wednesday seems a bit slower for me, but I'll probably go see Dan Norths talk and Liz Keoghs talk, because both are such passionate, opinionated (in a good sense) and well spoken people.
You can see my (very) tentative schedule on this need thing GOTO made.

If you're going, create your schedule on the GOTO site, and post the link in the comments. I'd like see what caught your eye.

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