Monday, December 6, 2010

RHoK'ing for Unicef

I was at the RHoK 2.0 Aarhus event this weekend, and got the opportunity to do a simple little web app for Unicef. The app itself is not that interesting for people outside of Unicef, but it will save real money for Unicef that they can use on something helping children. The app is something like 80% done, and we did it in about 28 hours. Wow, it feels great to have been able to actually help Unicef just by doing a saturday to sunday hackathon along with a few other geeks.

The app was done in ASP.NET MVC 2, with Enitity Framework 4 and SQL Express underneath, and the experience was pretty good: The architecture just came out of the box with MVC. EF code first made thinking about the database schema a non-issue (and the load on the app is expected to be low, so I don't think will need to go in a tweak for performance later). We were able to get by with some of the auto generated CRUD views that Visual Studio can make for ASP.NET MVC model objects. All in all the development was pretty quick.
The code is on google code.

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